Mature & Motivated

THINK fitness is focused on helping you to gain the confidence and trust within yourself to make the first steps towards bettering your ability to take on life’s challenges.  THINK fitness is well educated on helping you to take slow steps to gain strength, which will help to support your joints and make the chance of a fall less likely, also through a specialised exercise program arthritic pain can be reduced.

Falls prevention is what THINK fitness specialises in.  By incorporating resistance training into your life you will strengthen your bones and muscles, and reduce the chance of falling and bone breakages through having better balance and bone strength.

From professional snow sport athletes to the mature and motivated. Falls are what can cost an athlete a podium finish or worse a major injury.  The mature and motivated are no different.  It can cost them also a major injury but the repair to their body can be a very slow process, and as we age, we don’t have time to sit back with injuries and not be enjoying every moment, living our lives. 

Golf fit

Some people who love to play golf, often look at buying new equipment, taking a lesson or simply just keep playing more golf to improve their game.  However, sometimes the way we play golf is not a reflexion on our skill as a golfer or the equipment we use.  Sometimes, simply, our body’s limitations can hold us back in the sport that we love to play.

THINK Fitness will asses your body movement and design a program for you taking into account muscle imbalances, and tightness commonly found in the back and shoulders of golf players.  By creating more range of motion at the joint, more power can then be created with a strength program which will help with balance and your golf swing. 

Everyone can benefit greatly from including exercise into his or her life.  For the people that love to play golf, how do you think you game could change by becoming more supple and stronger through an exercise program?

Ski & Snowboard Fit

Come train with a ex professional snowboard athlete who has been lucky to train alongside Olympic fitness coaches and athletes in her time riding.  The owner of THINK Fitness has the expert knowledge to help set you on the right path of gaining strength and cardio fitness so you can enjoy your time on the mountain and help to reduce the chance of unsightly injuries than can occur though lack of fitness.

Together we can can design an exercise program around exercises that you enjoy to keep you motivated long term in achieving your goals.  This will help to make your time more enjoyable on the mountain.


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