“We’ve been on a mission since 1990 to make healthy, nutritious food for kiwis”  Reading this opening line to a Kiwi companies guarantee, it is easy to become misled into thinking that you are buying healthy food for yourself and your family to eat.  It even has a Health Star rating of a 3 ½  out of 5 stars.  Therefore, it must be a healthy choice for breakfast.  But, when you look at the ingredients of what is in the Crispy Crunchy Granola you will be shocked.

I am a huge oat eater.  Every day I eat oats for breakfast.  Plain oats, with a piece of fruit, chia seeds a little water then a huge dollop of natural low fat greek yoghurt on top.  I buy all ingredients separate and add them all to the main ingredient, the PLAIN oats.  I have known for many years that pre-packaged muesli normally is one of the biggest sugar loaded cereals we can eat.  With added sugar and also sugar from the dried fruit, not to mention the oil that the oats are roasted in to give them that delicious taste creates a very tasty meal, but it’s a bombshell to the person wanting to lose weight.

The other morning my flatmate left his rubbish on the bench, which was the empty packet of muesli he eats.  I looked at the back and was shocked to see the actual, real amount of sugar added was horrendous.  Ingredients are listed in order on any packaging from the most used to the least.  On this particular packet of “healthy” muesli we have in order:

Oats 37 %

Brown sugar (unhealthy)

Vegetable oil (Does it really need to be used on the oats, or is it better left for use in the frying pan?)

Oat flour

Dried Fruit (Sugar)

Dried Fig ( Sugar)

Freeze dried pear(sugar)

Rice pops (probably got sugar in them also)

Maltodextrin (artificially produced thickener…. Do you really need added artificial rubbish to your breakfast cereal? )

Whole almonds (wow there is finally an ingredient that is nutritious)

Sugar (Oh and again we have sugar.  The brown sugar wasn’t enough, so we added more white sugar for your taste buds.

The rest of the ingredients are pointless to mention.

There are many unhealthy ingredients listed very far up the ingredient list.  Dried fruit is loaded with sugar.  Also the quantity you would have, compared to eating a piece of fresh fruit would be a lot more calorie dense.

If you are a lover of muesli, try mixing your own at home.  Buy oats, add some raw unsalted nuts and seeds and top it off with a piece of fresh fruit and have it with your choice of milk or low fat, unsweetened yoghurt.  Your body and your teeth will thank you for it. 

I think it is worrying when you see companies stating they are making healthy food for kiwis.  This is not a healthy option for breakfast.  It is a great option after you have a run a marathon and your body is craving something sweet but not for breakfast after you have been sleeping all night.

Get educated on labels and start reading everything you pick up in the supermarket.  I know I am surprised sometimes being a vegetarian that there is meat products in sauces.  I was thinking they were made from herbs and spices and all nice vegetarian things.

Save your teeth and help prevent disease by starting to read the labels on the food you buy.  Your body will thank you for it.

Amber Schuecker