From the young age of just 20 we start losing half a pound of muscle a year.  So literally, if we don’t use it we will lose it.  The only way to help preserve the muscle we have is to keep on moving and doing resistance training or impact exercise to keep ourselves healthy, fit and strong for life.  However, how do we keep our independence and prevent ourselves from becoming a fall victim, also how do we maintain our energy from our younger years to chase the grandkids?

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Movement is an extremely important part of our life.  Movements where you take your joint through its full range of motion will help that joint to remain as free as possible.  As we age, our bodies stiffen up, also synovial fluid that sits between the joint providing lubrication starts to deplete.  Gentle movements will help to keep you limbered up.

Range of motion

The reason as to why it is important to keep on moving in life and challenging the muscles with a resistance greater than what the muscle is accustom to, is to keep our heart and lungs fit and our bones strong.  Huff and puff movement where we challenge the heart over time will improve the capabilities for the heart to pump blood to the lungs and throughout the body.  This increases the oxygen levels in your blood and widens up the capillaries to allow them to be more productive at removing waste products.  By eating a diet rich in fats and not moving, will cause plaque to start to build up in your coronary arteries, which will limit blood supply to the heart.  Over time, this can be the major reason for a heart attack and death.

Resistance training is the best way to develop muscle and bone strength.  There is no other better way to do this.  You need to challenge the muscle with a weight that is greater than what the muscle is accustomed to, to gain strength.  Also at the same time you are moving your muscles, they are pulling on bones to create the wanted movement.  When this occurs, the greater the force is, the harder the muscle needs to pull against the bone for the movement.  This is what creates strength in the bone through new cell development.  Strong bones and muscles are important for everyone as they are our best source of prevention from falling and worse case scenario, breaking a bones.

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Exercise has many benefits to your life.  You will sleep better, have a better mood, less chance of depression, more energy, it reduces your chance of some cancers also disease, your movement will be better, and you will feel less pain in your body.  These are all great reasons to incorporate a fitness plan into your life.  You are never at a point in life where there is no space for improvement.  Just having the ease in your body to move around easier is a great reason to start to incorporate exercise into your daily life.

Healthy fit and strong for life