Some people who love to play golf, often look at buying new equipment, taking a lesson or simply just keep playing more golf to improve their game.  However, sometimes the way we play golf is not a reflexion on our skill as a golfer or the equipment we use.  Sometimes, simply, our body’s limitations can hold us back in the sport that we love to play.

How do we exercise to improve our game to hit the ball further?  There are some annoying limitations that affect most of us.  If you are lucky and don’t have pain, you are extremely lucky.  However, for most of us, by the time we are in our 30’s we have niggling little pains that gripe us each day.  Sore shoulders, back and knees are the common three.  Some of these pains may be caused by old injuries, lack of mobility or lack of strength around the joints.

 To get stronger so you can hit the ball with more power we need to address the small little niggling problems first.  This would involve starting with mobility work and slowly building strength as you become more supple. 

Many golfers present with tight shoulders, hip flexers and backs.  Tight muscles will affect how we hit the ball.  Through doing specific mobility work you can release the tension in these areas, which will free up your swing.  However, strength training can’t be forgotten about when doing mobility work to help improve our swing.  As there is a component to the swing that involves stability of some joints and mobility in others.  Stability is best achieved from a specific strength program.

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The best exercises at building full body strength are Squats, Push Ups, and Pull Ups.  These three exercises train every muscle in your body.  The basis of these exercises can be changed to allow rotation in your trunk, which can mimic your golf swing.  The fundamentals of functional fitness training starts with these three movements and can be added onto as you advance.


Your cardio fitness can be the decider if you win your game or not.  By the last holes on an 18 hole game you are beginning to get tired after all the walking and focusing you have done.  By keeping your heart and lungs fit through cardio exercise, you will find it easier to maintain the focus and the power in your body to hit the ball.  Many people that have played a great game of golf up until the last holes have thrown it away, all because they don’t have the stamina to stay focused and strong on the last holes.  Don’t you become one of those players that play 15 holes great and by the last holes are too exhausted.

Everyone can benefit greatly from including exercise into his or her life.  For the people that love to play golf, how do you think you game could change by becoming more supple and stronger through an exercise program? Do you think that you maybe could become a force to be reckoned with against your friends when you play your friendly game each week?

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