For years we have heard that the world is getting fatter and we must exercise and watch we eat.  But what kind of exercise and food helps us on the journey to be healthy, fit and strong and most of all happy and content.

One kind of exercise that seemed to sit back and wasn’t in the lime light for being a great way to control weight was resistance training.  That was what the “boys” did to get big muscles.   The ones that wanted to lose weight, should go running and sweat lots.  Only in recent years is it coming to light how important it actually is to lift weights or anything that causes resistance to the muscles.


Recently more and more focus is being directed towards resistance training as a great way to control weight and the best way to keep our bones strong and help with our balance.  Many people haven’t even thought of the impact on their life as they grow older in relation to their bones. You don’t see them so why worry?  They are just those things we can’t see that keep us moving and holding us upright, maybe if we fall over hard enough we might break one, many people seem to think.

“Might break one” becomes more apparent as we age and if we haven’t looked after them and kept them strong in our younger years we could be setting ourselves up to get Osteoporosis, which weakens our strongest structure that holds up our bodies.  Many people forget what our bones do.  Bones along with muscles keep us upright and moving.  If our bones become weak, we break easily and as we age we don’t repair so fast anymore.  Which can mean losing our independence, trust, confidence and that means life will be on the downhill run probably leading to death very quickly.


When you resistance train, you pull muscle against the bone, which strengthens the bones.  From the age of 20 we will start losing bone strength if we don’t resistance train or do impact exercise. Many of us end up working in offices and our lives become very sedentary.  We don’t have time for exercise, this is when the weight creeps on.  In no time, you become over weight and many of us just accept it and get on with life.  The others do their best with cardio exercise and diet to lose the weight.  But during this time, the very important form of exercise, “resistance training” can be forgotten about.

The more muscle you have:

·         The more your body burns fat at rest

·         The stronger your bones will be

·         The less chance you have of getting Osteoporosis

·          The less chance of being overweight

·          The less chance of breaking a bone if you fall

·          The less chance of falling as your joints are supported better by the surrounding muscle

·           The easier movement in daily life becomes

·           Reduced pain from Arthritis

·           The easier you can breath


These are all such important reasons to become motivated and start resistance training.  Cardio or huff and puff exercise is great, but it isn’t enough if you want to create the healthiest body you can have. 

Vitamin D from the sun along with good nutrition is also a major factor in helping build strong bodies.  Eliminating food groups to try and loose weight isn’t healthy long term.  Healthy eating can be simplified.  It doesn’t need to be about weighing portions and counting calories.  Eat food in its simplest form, for example, food that comes from the ground, the tree or food that roams the land or swims in the water.  Once you start eating food that has all those added numbers to the packets, or food that has been processed, that is when it becomes an unhealthy choice.


You need to look at developing a long-term eating habit.  Not something that will help you for 6 months and then you reverse your good doings and become heavier than you previously were before you started your “trendy diet”.  

“Something you can stick to for the rest of your life” think about that, think what do I have to do to change the way I am eating, so that I can still enjoy my life, but also live a healthy life.  You can still enjoy your treats, but just not every hour or in excessive quantities.  Limit the treats and increase the quantity of the natural food you eat such as vegetables and fruit with small amounts of meat and you will see an increase in energy and a glow in your skin.  With the increase in energy it means that exercise becomes easier.

If we try and over complicate exercise or nutrition we can easily then shove it aside in the “too hard basket”.  So let’s not over complicate something that really doesn’t need to be a complicated task.  Move more, lift a weight that challenges your muscles, and eat simple food in its purest form.  Thinking like this will help you to be able to achieve your goals long term as it really needs to be something you can stick to for the rest of your life.