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Amber Schuecker

I am the Owner Director of the THINK Fitness business and a qualified Personal Trainer. My vision of energizing and inspiring clients is personally an exciting and rewarding prospect, particularly those many mature and motivated individuals in our community who have, for a number of reasons, slowed down and lead a sedentary existence. Additionally, my service extends and welcomes those who practice pastime activities such as golf, skiing and snowboarding and who specifically need supplementary strength, flexibility and guidance to improve physical performance.

With over 26 seasons of dedicated training and competing as a professional snowboarder, successfully competing on the Freeride World Tour, I am able to pass on my knowledge to others. More so, this exposure has offered me the fitness training experience to successfully provide the singular levels of coaching and individual guidance I offer as a tailored service. I assure results that meet all of my client’s needs and expectations. Following my programme, designed specifically for you, with my personal tutoring you will positively experience a change with your health and happiness. 

I am not just a fitness trainer; I will be your mentor and guardian as your journey progresses and together we will enjoy the overall experience. This is not a competitive exercise regime; it’s a lifestyle change you will enjoy.